Project Plan Title: Autobiographies—5th Grade Style
Developed by:Linda Schanzenbach
Grade Level: 5
Timeframe: 3rd quarter
Content Area Indicators and Standards Addressed in Project (also include Reading or Math):
Reading 5.R.5.3 Students can choose references to meet the needs of an assigned task.
Writing 5.W.1.2 Students can express ideas; reflect on personal thoughts, opinions, and observations.
5.W.2.1 Students can punctuate and capitalize text including dialogue.
Essential Questions: What questions will lead student learning?
What is an autobiography?
How do I write and assemble my own autobiography?
Describe what success looks like so that participants have a clear picture of expectations.
Students are able to successfully gather and organize information and then present it in various forms in their own autobiography.
Learning Targets
KnowWhat do you expect students to know when project is completed?
UnderstandWhat concepts will students have mastery of when the project is completed?
DoWhat will students be able to do as a result of this knowledge and understanding?
*more about themselves and their heritage
*more about the use of computer tools to produce a product
*how to use text and pictures to present their life story
*how to use various tools to write and present their autobiographies
*gather, organize, and present information leading to their published autobiography
*use to present information about themselves
*use to create images for their autobiography
*present their autobiographies to others for viewing
Lesson Activities
Learning Experiences
Technology Integration and Resources
21st Century skills addressed
Chapter One—Self
Students compile information about themselves.
Chapter Two---Family
Students compile information about their family.
Chapter Three---Past
Students compile information about their past.
Chapter Four---Future
Students create wishes and ideals about their future
Students present autobiographies to their class and make a commercial about themselves.
2 weeks
2 weeks
2 weeks
2 weeks
1 week
Microsoft Office Word
Microsoft Office Word
Microsoft Office Word
Kid Pix
Microsoft Office Word
Photostory 3
Learning and Innovation Skills
Critical thinking and problem solving
Communication and collaboration
Creativity and innovation
Information, Media, and Technology Skills
ICT (Information, Communications, and Technology) literacy
Life and Career Skills
Initiative and self-direction
Productivity and accountability